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"Somos Agua", an immersive exhibition with Europe's largest LED tunnel

The exhibition ‘Somos Agua’, organised by Acciona Cultura for Fundación Canal, is an exhibition that revolves around the importance of water for life. It covered 2,500 m² organised in 12 areas, where all aspects related to water were covered: its origin, its cycle, its importance for ecosystems and its use in society.

The exhibition was held in the Sala Castellana 214, in Madrid and lasted 8 months (December 2022 – June 2023).


An exhibition with a great technological display

It was a highly visual exhibition, in which the visitor was immersed in a fascinating journey through the meanders of a river. The route was covered with a state-of-the-art technological display that provided powerful images, impressive audiovisuals, sounds of waterfalls, rain or the murmur of streams, and with a great didactic component that fascinated the public, both adults and children.

The route passed through large-format audiovisual installations, 6 metres high and more than 30 metres long, with the longest LED tunnel in Europe.

The ‘Somos Agua’ exhibition was a unique experience that allowed visitors to learn about the importance of water for life through the best technology for events and exhibitions. An essential exhibition for all those who wanted to learn more about this vital resource.

For the exhibition we provide the following audiovisual equipment:

  • 12 80-inch screens.
  • 52 32-inch screens.
  • 5 55-inch screens.
  • 40 Projectors.
  • Watchout content management system.
  • 4K high-resolution electronics.
  • Brightsign video playback equipment.

This equipment enabled the creation of an immersive audiovisual experience that captivated all visitors.