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Hakuna Group Music sweeps the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid

Hakuna, a Catholic-oriented youth movement, originated in 2012 in preparation for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. It is legally established as a private association of the faithful and has a musical ensemble known as Hakuna Group Music. “A 21st century music group, composed of young people who, through our passion for music, want to tell the world a truth that we live and carry deep inside us”. Today, it is made up of more than forty musicians and singers who belong to the association, and its influence extends to more than 20 countries.


Hakuna Group Music in Palacio Vistalegre

The Palacio de Vistalegre in Madrid hosted the concert of Hakuna Group Music, in an event that brought together more than 10,000 people.

We would like to give a special thanks to Fundacion Hakuna Revolution for their confidence in our audiovisual solutions to celebrate this great event.

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Crambo Rental Madrid provided the audiovisual and technical equipment necessary to create a unique experience for the attendees.

A great team was deployed, in which the following stood out:


  • 24 Panther Meyer Sound
  • 12 x1100 LCF
  • 20 Leopard Meyer Sound
  • 4 x X40 12 x MJF-210
  • 12 x Shure PSM 1000
  • 2 x Yamaha CL5


  • 40 Clay Paky
  • 32 Ayrton
  • 28 Cameo
  • MA Lighting, Grand MA3


  • 2 fixed cameras
  • 1 4K robotic camera


  • 200 Absen LED modules

This equipment created a spectacular atmosphere that captivated the concert-goers. The surround sound, stunning lighting and high-resolution images created a unique audiovisual experience that made the event unforgettable.

We thank the Hakuna Revolutions Foundation for trusting us for this event.